Our Approach

We help organisations grow happy people so they can do more, feel empowered and make a difference. Our unique learning experiences equip people and teams to understand more about themselves, more about each other and more about their customer’s world. The blend of all three creates a powerful combination and a competitive advantage to win.

MAC-X Our Approach
MAC-X Our Approach2

We also specialise in communication and engagement and we can help you connect with your audience be it customers or employees to create compelling content and an end to end amazing experience that is both engaging and memorable and delivers the desired outcomes.

We are a group with years of industry experience working as leaders inside brands and organisations. We also have our own individual experiences that we can share with you. We love to coach teams to develop capabilities and motivation to deliver the most amazing customer experiences – driving transformation from the inside out.

Mac-X About Us

Create amazing customer experience and make the difference